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For example, an adenomatous intestinal polyp can develop as a result of such anomalies: problematic nutrition - eating a large amount of refined foods and high-calorie foods, lack of fiber and proteins; pathological changes in the intestinal microflora - an imbalance leads to a decrease in local immunity and differentiation of organ tissues; irrational use of certain drugs - the relationship of uncontrolled intake of proton pump inhibitors and the appearance of benign neoplasms in different parts of the intestine has been proven; chronic nervous strain.

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The occurrence of stromectol in the stomach is influenced by such pathologies: gastritis of any etiology; familial adenomatous polyposis; Peutz-Gigers syndrome; duodenitis; radiation exposure of the body; long-term addiction to bad habits; infection of the stomach.

Often there is a polyp of the uterus, vagina and endometrium. The following reasons may influence its occurrence. Adenomatous polyp of the gallbladder can cause: inflammatory lesions of the gallbladder; deposition of a large amount of cholesterol; biliary dyskinesia; diseases of the hepatobiliary system.

A polyp of the sigmoid colon is provoked by: acute infections; stagnation of feces in chronic constipation; injury to the mucous membrane with hardened stromectol pills; consumption of a large number of foods that cause rotting or fermentation processes.

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In most situations, the development of polyps is influenced simultaneously by several predisposing factors. According to its histological structure, a neoplasm in the intestine or other localization can be: tubular polyp - the most common variety, rarely transforms into cancer; villous polyp - covered with villi, formed on a small stalk and looks like a cauliflower inflorescence; mixed polyp - has signs of the two above types of education.


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stromectol - malignant in 1-4% of cases and have the most favorable prognosis; multiple - divided into group and scattered, reborn in 20% of cases; diffuse - can have hundreds of small neoplasms, the tendency to malignancy of which is 80-100%.


simple polyps - as part of the gland, which are separated by a layer of connective tissue; proliferating polyps - include glands that do not secrete mucus. Based on the size, these types of polyps are distinguished: small ones - do not exceed 0.5 cm, do not pose a danger, since they are not malignant; medium - sizes vary from 1 to 3 centimeters; large - can reach 5 or more centimeters. A small glandular polyp of any localization may not appear at all. However, as the tumor grows in size, more and more clinical manifestations will occur.


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Although a polyp can develop in children and adolescents, the clinical picture will be similar. Relying only on the symptoms, it is not possible to make a correct diagnosis. The clinician needs to obtain the result of a wide range of laboratory and instrumental examinations.


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The therapy is only surgical in nature, however, the method of performing the operation will differ slightly depending on the location of the tumor. Elimination of a polyp in the vagina, cervical canal, uterus and endometrium includes: taking hormonal drugs; endoscopic excision of the neoplasm; removal of the ovaries is an extreme measure; excision of the uterus with appendages - isolated cases. When the gallbladder is affected, open or laparoscopic cholecystectomy is performed. Conservative treatment after removal of the polyp is aimed at preventing the development of dangerous consequences.


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The prognosis of the disease is generally unfavorable, due to a long asymptomatic course, the possibility of rapid growth and a high probability of malignancy. Only with early detection and timely surgical removal of the tumor can full recovery be achieved. An adenomatous polyp is a hyperplastic pathological formation of a spherical, mushroom-shaped or stromectol online, rising above the surface of the inner shell of the organ and consisting of uncharacteristically growing glandular cells, sometimes with inclusions of atypical elements.


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A polyp is a small benign tumor that rises above the mucous membrane of an organ. Polyps range in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters. A characteristic feature is the presence of stromectol or a wide base in a polyp, through which it is attached to the underlying tissues.


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Adenomatous polyps are considered precancerous pathology. The probability of malignant degeneration (malignancy) of a polyp directly depends on its size. The minimum probability of malignancy is observed with a polyp size of less than 1.5 cm (less than 2%), with a size of 1.5-2.5 cm - from 2 to 10% and more than 10% with a polyp size of more than 2.5-3 cm. Also high risk of malignancy in polyps on a wide basis.

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Conservative methods of therapy for adenomatous polyps are ineffective. For patients diagnosed with the disease, radical surgical treatment is recommended. Most often, adenomatous polyps are localized on the mucous membrane of the large intestine, stomach and uterus.

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Synonyms: adenoma, glandular polyp. This pathology is most often acquired; the likelihood of developing a glandular polyp increases with age.

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Reasons for the development of adenomatous polyps: genetic predisposition; neurohormonal pathology, endocrinopathy; chronic injury of the mucous membrane of the organ.

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Currently, a hereditary predisposition to the formation of polyps has been confirmed: about half of all cases of the disease are reflected in the family history. The presence of chromosomal aberration has been proven: changes in the structure of some chromosomes associated with the gene responsible for the formation of polyps have been found.


Polyps of the gastrointestinal tract. Adenomatous polyps are considered precancerous pathology. The probability of malignant degeneration (malignancy) of a polyp directly depends on its size.

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